Fernando Correia

Lisbon, Portugal
Telecom Engineer, R&D Manager and Head of Innovation at NOKIA Portugal

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Fernando is passionate about innovation and robotics. As an AFOL, his interests focus mainly on LEGO Technic, MINDSTORMS and community management. He is heading the Portuguese LEGO Users Group (PLUG) management board and created the TechnicBRICKs blog about everything related to LEGO Technic and MINDSTORMS. At PLUG public exhibitions he is always engaged with MINDSTORMS robot demonstrations and uses every opportunity to combine his hobby with the professional life. As part of NOKIA’s social responsibility programs, he often organizes LEGO and robotic workshops for his NOKIA colleagues, their children and girls from the local community in order to attract them to STEM disciplines.

LUG:PLUG - Portuguese LEGO USers Group Website: TechnicBRICKs