Daniel Probasco

Colorado, USA
YouTuber Brick Machines, Controls Engineer

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Daniel Probasco is a Controls Engineer based in the USA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University and has spent years creating innovative, award-winning solutions while working as a Controls Engineer.

Daniel spent five years competing on FLL and FTC teams, aiding his team to secure three invitations at the FIRST Robotics World Championship, even finishing one season at 22nd out of approximately 17,000 teams worldwide. He also competed one year with his team in the NASA Robotic Mining Challenge, winning 3rd place in Autonomous Navigation. Daniel taught LEGO® robotics classes for four years to elementary and middle-school students with curriculum he developed including Olympic-style events, Robot Wars, and even programming complex multiplayer arcade games. Most recently, Daniel started the YouTube channel Brick Machines with one of its major goals being to inspire others by creating LEGO Robotics MOCs that are educational, entertaining, or ones would seem impossible to make with LEGO.

YouTube: Brick Machines