Asha Seshan

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Robotics Judge and Mentor

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Asha first began using LEGO as an education tool in 2011 as a FIRST LEGO League coach. Since then, she has been a volunteer at local and international level FIRST LEGO robotics competitions. She has also represented the ROBOTMAK3RS at World Robot Olympiad events in India, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

Asha has served as writer, editor, and content manager of The NXT Step blog site since 2017. She was also the creator and author of the “Meet the Creator” series on LEGO Engineering.

In addition, Asha has building learning communities for LEGO robotics users. She is the lead manager of FLL: Share and Learn which is a global community of educators and coaches with 11,000 members. She is also the curator of the Coach’s Corner section on FLLTutorials which has several hundred thousand users. She manages the six ROBOTMAK3RS online communities with a combined membership of 80,000.

Facebook Group: FLL: Share & Learn

Asha has served on the ROBOTMAK3RS Executive Board since its inception, and is currently acts as Ambassador of the ROBOTMAK3RS RLOC and reports all of it’s activities to LEGO via the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN)